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  • djhooperdjhooper Level 6 | 1 Like

    dont sweat it mav.... a dub is a dub!!!! bring back the escapist!!!!!

  • Idkaname Level 1 | 0 Likes

    I think a big issue is you don't take rooms or peek corners with confidence. This is probably due to map knowledge but on the kill cam at 02:25 you see that rook saw your elbow and leg before you saw him. If you inch into a room that's a whole extra second for him to process "hey that's an enemy" and shoot but if you take the corner fast and confident (like you were on that round on house where you got the 3 kills) you catch the player by surprise and you'll have the advantage. Good job though definitely getting better even the best have bad games keep it up man

  • Miso_DelekMiso_Delek Level 9 | 0 Likes

    First tip I'd give is when you're defending, check Cams immediately once the drone phase is over. Quickly scroll to the outside cams and see if you can tag them before they shoot the cam. If you're able to spot/scan at least one, you know where they spawned and you can go from there.

  • RomanpRomanp Level 11 | 1 Like

    Idk it’s hard to say but I feel like you are playing too cautious. You have to be able to believe in yourself and what you’re doing and pop a ninja. It’s good that you’re droning but you take to long. If you drone you don’t have to crouch walk because you know nothing is there. Also aim down sight (ads) evrytine you turn a corner so you aren’t as surprised when an enemy shows up and you’re ready to kill them. G1GB

  • K4szn_onIGK4szn_onIG Level 5 | 0 Likes

    The dude talking reminds me of the old man off family guy