This Is So EMBARRASSING! I Can't Take It Anymore! - Madden 19 Gameplay

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  • BuddyPlayzBuddyPlayz Level 13 Ninja for 1 Month | 0 Likes


  • Prince2K1ngPrince2K1ng Level 13 | 0 Likes

    Keep griding your books, find new route combos

  • DrowwsyyboiiiDrowwsyyboiii Level 15 | 0 Likes

    Madden does play you a little bit, but that’s because of how risky you play. You throw into right coverage a lot

    • Prince2K1ngPrince2K1ng Level 13 | 0 Likes

      Madden doesnt play him if he throws into coverage... He plays himself lol you have to mix it up

  • BrielleBrielle Level 15 Ninja for 12 Months | 0 Likes

    Great vid

  • JBrascaJBrasca Level 12 | 0 Likes

    For run defense, try to find cover 4 drop show 2

  • JBrascaJBrasca Level 12 | 0 Likes

    I might sell that Richard Sherman and try to get a speedy DB like Deion Sanders to put opposite of Ronde.

  • JBrascaJBrasca Level 12 | 0 Likes

    That Adrian Amos jumps routes at safety that literally only maybe two other safeties in the game can jump. I use Atwater and Earl Thomas, and Earl is getting kind of old. Need that FS upgrade.

  • benz19benz19 Level 15 | 0 Likes

    Aw juice I feel for ya

  • ballin4Godballin4God Level 10 | 0 Likes

    Good try juice get in the lab u will get better bro! Have a blessed one y’all!

    • benz19benz19 Level 15 | 0 Likes

      Yeah keep grinding

  • BmltoppgunBmltoppgun Level 11 | 0 Likes

    As far as running split close that’s fine ilbecause I run that offense. But if you go to the sets go to exchange set then go to team items then go all the way to the bottom they a set called “alternative offensive playbook” get that playbook you only have to put in 15 gold players and with that playbook it give you more plays and route combinations for the split close offense

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