A New Offense That Made Us 100x BETTER! - BALL with JUICE Ep.5

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  • Bityuo Level 1 | 0 Likes

    Nice vid

  • benz19benz19 Level 15 | 0 Likes

    GG juice

  • BrielleBrielle Level 15 Ninja for 11 Months | 0 Likes

    You did a great job explaining the new offense! Great vid

    • benz19benz19 Level 15 | 0 Likes

      Yeah was cool vid

  • NumbanineNumbanine Level 13 | 0 Likes

    What if the people y’all play watch this?😂

  • JBrascaJBrasca Level 12 | 0 Likes

    Nice triple option basketball offense actually. QB keep (to the hole), Hand off (pop), or pitch (roll) and it can go left or right with the option to "pass" to the corner shooters or baseline.. nice.

  • StormFalcon657StormFalcon657 Level 11 | 0 Likes

    Looking good juice

  • John JohnJohn John Level 13 | 0 Likes

    Ball movement is looking improved with the new offense

  • PrimetimefligtPrimetimefligt Level 12 | 0 Likes


  • snooploopssnooploops Level 13 | 0 Likes

    Yah Juice! 50 States looks good and efficient to me! Only up from here. Win streak coming soon.

  • DrowwsyyboiiiDrowwsyyboiii Level 15 | 0 Likes

    How/where’d you learn about this scheme juice? It’s a real zone killer and it also helps if the other team doesn’t have a lot of basketball knowledge, it will confuse the fluff out them

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