I'M HERE TO KILL EVERYBODY! - Friday The 13th Gameplay

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Friday The 13 Gameplay by @DionDoes

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  • WhatevermtmWhatevermtm Level 8 Ninja for 1 Month | 1 Like

    Nice killer

  • TacosCrunchTacosCrunch Level 7 | 1 Like

    Mav a nice killer

  • Dohvid23Dohvid23 Level 13 Ninja for 14 Months | 0 Likes

    Mav the nicest killer ever

  • DrowwsyyboiiiDrowwsyyboiii Level 15 | 0 Likes

    Like the no spamming rule. Really makes it more challenging yet fun

  • lil_humz10 Level 1 | 1 Like

    Low key i might take that deal lol its pretty good

  • lil_humz10 Level 1 | 0 Likes

    If your in a combat stance you take doors down faster. And make sure you trap the cell phone which calls Tommy and also the police . Can u try and be other jasons it would be cool to see u be some of the other ones.

  • Diggy307Diggy307 Level 5 | 0 Likes

    she should've taken that deal

  • hooperd2000hooperd2000 Level 5 | 0 Likes

    I'm waiting for that one ninja to actually make a deal

  • EleptifyEleptify Level 5 | 0 Likes

    When you're Jason put traps on the phone box and on the cars will get 8/8 every game or how many ever people there is.

  • EleptifyEleptify Level 5 | 0 Likes

    I try to make deals with my friends but they never listen either

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