NBA 2K Pack Openings


NBA 2K Pack Openings


INSANE 1 MILLION VC PACK OPENING!! (Pt.1) - NBA 2K16 MyTeam Pack Opening

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See if Dion will be able to pull that heat in NBA 2K MyTeam. To build the best roster is much more than just overall, but that is definietly one aspect that helps. Join Dion on his construction of his MyTeam to see if he will have the luck of the packs or if he will go ice cold on his pulls.

NBA 2K15 Pack Openings

  • Sub Dynasty
  • Flam's Def Jam Vandetta Walkthrough
  • Juice's 2K Team Up
  • NBA Playgrounds
  • Trent Head To Head Madden
  • Mario Sports
  • Throwback Sports Games
  • Madden Beef Games
  • Juice & Trent Madden 23