WE GOTTA FIGHT FOR OUR CHEEKS!! - NBA 2K18 2v2 Park Gameplay

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  • lilgoon87lilgoon87 Level 13 Ninja for 4 Months | 0 Likes



    yall so close to being dope im js

  • Marcjohn01Marcjohn01 Level 13 Ninja for 17 Months | 0 Likes

    That would've been a dope comeback

  • RomanpRomanp Level 12 | 1 Like

    I would suggest having 2 sharpshooters (still won’t be able to rebound or stop the post although on offense you will get easier, better, more wide open shots forcing the center coming out also allowing easier drives) Or a center and Dion’s Sharpshooter (Much higher chance of grabbing boards and would be easier to stop centers in the paint, and offense would be relatively the same since Juice plays an inside game however Juice will set better screens since he is bigger and be able to finish better at the hoop) if Juice does make a center I would suggest a 7’3” post-scoring shot creator or post-scoring rebounded with max wingspan and max weight. G1GB

  • RomanpRomanp Level 12 | 1 Like

    1. Y’all need to play better defense. Both of ya are sagging off too much. Shot creator’s and post scorers have a really good mid range plus most good players know their jumpshot and will nail it if you ain’t guarding him. 2. Juice’s player is not built for 2v2. As we saw by video evidence Juice can’t Get boards and that’s because he is facing centers ment to rebound plus an extra six inches. Positioning helps but even still the center will win the fight 9/10 times. Also Juice’s player can’t shoot letting the center play inside and letting your man lock the outside letting you drive. Juice is a smaller player that slashed which is hard against a center. Also in the post the center will body Juice because they have post badges like post-spin technician that are OP as you saw against the team that won 400+ games.

  • MrGeneral3131MrGeneral3131 Level 8 Ninja for 1 Month | 1 Like

    Dang dion, lol

  • allyraeallyrae Level 9 | 1 Like


  • tr0yb3lltr0yb3ll Level 13 | 1 Like

    juice needs a big man build