We Made It To The Playoffs! Time To BALL OUT! - Madden 19 Gameplay

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  • BuddyPlayzBuddyPlayz Level 13 Ninja for 1 Month | 0 Likes


  • benz19benz19 Level 15 | 0 Likes

    Good luck juice

  • DrowwsyyboiiiDrowwsyyboiii Level 15 | 0 Likes

    I feel the same way juice. My linebackers don’t jump for anything

  • BrielleBrielle Level 16 Ninja for 18 Months | 0 Likes


  • MereshcaMereshca Level 15 Ninja for 9 Months | 0 Likes

    Nice try juice almost had it

  • BmltoppgunBmltoppgun Level 12 Ninja for 5 Months | 0 Likes

    You need coverage linebackers televin Smith is the best dual ROLB in the game and get Myles jack at the LOLB just don’t blitz him that’s not he’s strong suit look into powering up LT for pash rush he can also by used for qb spy and you can just use training to get him up to a 90 overall I would suggest either bob Wagner or dieon Jones as your user I prefer Jones over Wagner

  • John JohnJohn John Level 14 | 0 Likes

    For mut wars, I liked the midweek challenges that were done pretty often. Like the punt returns, the Easter egg hunt, the sack challenge, etc... this is referring to YouTube. Idk if they'll see this though

  • Takeoff2410Takeoff2410 Level 12 | 0 Likes

    You have 3-4 linebackers (players used as pass rushers) in a 4-3 linebacker scheme (players used for coverage) that’s why your linebackers don’t jump or catch or go after the ball in general

  • leephelps92leephelps92 Level 11 Ninja for 4 Months | 0 Likes

    Your receivers have a problem not catching the ball I fell like you would of won that game if they held onto the ball but all in all GG man #G1GB

    • benz19benz19 Level 15 | 0 Likes

      Yeah Definitely