Sands Caught These Hands! - Blitz The League 2 Walkthrough Ep.11

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  • anthony_p15anthony_p15 Level 12 Ninja for 10 Months | 0 Likes

    Cookie looking like Tyreek out here

  • Smitty856Smitty856 Level 8 | 0 Likes

    GG juice

  • Masonstation23Masonstation23 Level 14 Ninja for 17 Months | 0 Likes


  • benz19benz19 Level 15 | 0 Likes

    GG juice

  • musicmylifee1musicmylifee1 Level 15 Ninja for 19 Months | 0 Likes

    If i got kicked in the face im retiring

  • Brycek28Brycek28 Level 8 | 0 Likes

    look at my boy rico makin the squad

  • Kadkins56 Level 3 | 0 Likes

    If younclash catch the same way you did the unleashed catch it gives a point towards an unleashed

  • JstormJstorm Level 7 | 0 Likes

    I was literally the first comment and still didn’t get picked that’s booty

  • Elkins24Elkins24 Level 11 Ninja for 9 Months | 1 Like

    Shoutout to me, the 2nd String Fullback CrashN Flash. We don’t do it for glory, we do it because we love the sport and love our team. Put in work from the bench my guy 😂

  • Rabbirex23 Level 3 | 0 Likes

    Yo i playing

    But can you please chance my skin tone to black because thats my real skin tone

    If you Cannot change i understand

    But love series

    My player is Rex’ll sack 95 dl please make skin tone black

    • JuiceJuice Level 10 Ninja for 1 Month | 0 Likes

      Yea I got you Rex, you'll be black next episode!

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